cleaning and maintenance
of tennis courts

Sandmaster cleans and maintains tennis courts of artificial turf

Artificial turf courts infilled are constantly exposed to environmental factors. Surfaces harden over time and the drainage effect is lost,

1. Extreme build-up of dirt is roughened / loosened
2. Filling material is picked up

followed by humus particles forming algae and moss. In four steps restores your old courts and makes them look like new.

3. Smallest particles are removed by suction
4. Filling material is worked in

Wet cleaning for especially hardened places

Here a wet cleaning machine specially developed for this purpose is used. One meter wide machine requires continue supply of water. A water connection of the size of at least 3/4 inch must be available.

A specially developed system with a rotating brush and high pressure nozzles washes the dirt out of the turf. The water-sand-mixture is sucked up in one and the same working process. When the cleaning is finished the optimal amount of sand is applied and then worked in evenly.

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The pre-post comparison

Clean concrete floors and acrylic surfaces on your tennis court

Concrete surfaces on tennis courts are exposed to all kinds of weather. As a result the surface gets dirty and becomes unsightly and slippery. Now you can change that easily. With their special purpose and gentle cleaning system Sandmaster offers a solution which will free your surfaces from the grime of time. The result: a perfect looking surface.