Professional cleaning
of synthetic surfaces


Cleanliness and maintenance for tartan courts and sport tracks:
cleaning of synthetic surfaces, tartans and sport tracks by professionals

Rain, wind and other environmental factors lead to a build-up of dirt particles and other impurities in the open porous structure of synthetic surfaces. As the result the pores of the surfaces become clogged and the surface hardens. The consequence is a reduction of elastic properties of safety surfaces which are particularly important in the case of playgrounds.

Drainage properties are impaired and, as a result, moss and algae growth occurs. The surface becomes slippery and the athletes' risk of injury increases.  In order to prolong the durability of synthetic surfaces regular intensive cleaning of surfaces is recommended to remove underlying dirt.

We clean synthetic surfaces efficiently and innovatively

The attractive look of your synthetic surfaces may be enhanced easily. Sandmaster offers innovative and efficient solutions that will keep your courts and fields fit for the future.  

This is how it works:   
Using high pressure and rotating nozzles synthetic surfaces are cleaned by Sandmaster special purpose machines. At the same time, drain water is extracted by suction and collected in a special tank.

The cleaning procedure for large surfaces

Special machines for large surfaces may clean tracks of 1,50 m width in just one work step. A spray bar takes care of pre-cleaning. Required access width: from 1,80 m; access height: from 2,40 m. The results are impressive. Areas of use: sports fields, stadiums, athletics tracks, multifunctional facilities, draining surfaces and stone flooring. 

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The cleaning procedure for small surfaces

Our machines prove their capabilities especially when it comes to agility and flexibility. Thanks to their compact dimensions the machines manage to clean also spots difficult to access - an advantage that frequently pays off the moment the machines move on to the fields. They cope brilliantly with even small gates and narrow access ways.

Areas of use: playgrounds, small sports fields or athletic tracks. The machines produce excellent results even on stone, asphalt or draining surfaces.

Repair work and ruling of surfaces

Spiked or studded shoes and the daily wear and tear that comes with school sports badly affect artificial surfaces in schools and stadiums. Such surfaces must be repaired as needed to ensure that athletes may continue with their sports activities without risk of injury.

Removal of affected wearing surface
Repair work


The process: Affected areas are removed and filled with a special granulate. The level of the new filling is then adapted to existing surfaces, and fresh line marking makes the ground look as good as new.

Repair work
Line marking

Stone and drainage surfaces may easily
be cleaned by our machines

Cleaning draining surfaces
Cleaning stone flooring