cleaning and maintenance
of sandy areas





Cleanliness and hygiene on playing sand, beach volleyball fields and in long jump pits

The sand cleaning process
In the course of time, sand may be polluted by different types of contaminants. The Sandmaster cleaning method removes contaminant particles such as cigarette butts, pieces of broken glass or animal excrements at a depth of down to 40 cm.

Cleaning pays off: While freshly cleaned sand makes for gentle landings after long jumps, it also provides fall protection below playground equipment on playgrounds and, with fine sand under your feet, guarantees a holiday feeling on the beach volleyball field.

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The sand cleaning process: TÜV certified, scientifically proven, and practically tried and tested

As a market leader in the field of sand cleaning, Sandmaster can look back on more than 30 years of experience. Our cleaning process is a reliable, sustainable and environmentally-friendly, officially certified deep cleaning process with scientific proof.

How the Sandmaster method works:
Using a conveyer belt, sand is thrown against a vertical screen. Due to this filtration method, contaminant particles with a size of 5 to 8 mm or more, such as animal excrements (which may contain parasites), pieces of broken glass, cigarette butts or leaves, can be almost completely removed under normal circumstances. Contaminants are collected in the catch tray. Cleaning depth: stepless up to 40 cm.

The advantages of sand cleaning by Sandmaster

1. Careful filtration of dirt particles:
Due to the set-up of the throw screen even smallest particles can be removed. The conscious decision not to use  vibrating screens prevents further disintegration of organic matter (excrements, leaves, etc.).

2. Soil aeration:
Sand layers are aerated down to a depth of 40 cm. As a result, the sand's acidity levels are stabilized and rotting smells eliminated.

3. Fall protection:
Compact sand is loosened up and fall protection is preserved.

[Translate to English:] Spielplatz mit Sandboden vorher
[Translate to English:] Spielplatz nach der Sandreinigung
Areas of use: gravel surfaces
long jump pits

Ideal areas for sand cleaning

Sandmaster cleans any type of sand professionally:

on playgrunds, sports fields such as long jump pits or beach volleyball fields, beach sections or gravel surfaces.   



Our machines in use

Our machines know how to handle sand. Whether steps, sandpit enclosures or wood barriers - small or steep, curved or narrow - sometimes just getting through to the playgrounds and sports fields can be a real challenge.  It is for this reason

Space requirements: from 15 sqm
Variable ramps in use


alone that the clearly detailed dimensions of our cleaning equipment are a real plus: assisted by ramps, sandpit enclosures of up to 50 cm and steps may be overcome.

No traces left on your green areas
A minimum gate width of 1 m is required