cleaning and maintenance
of artificial turf










Sandmaster specializes in artificial turf cleaning and maintenance, also for hockey playing fields

The wet cleaning process for fully artificial turfs as on hockey fields.

Pollution on fully artificial turfs, as frequently found on hockey fields, is removed by a high-pressure process using water and brushing, collected immediately afterwards and pumped into a container at the rear.
An additional anti-algae treatment may be applied if moss formation is widespread. 

Sandmaster offers a cleaning process that provides lush green on artificial turfs. Sand-filled artificial turf tennis courts are constantly exposed to many environmental factors such as flower pollen, dust, leaves and abrasion. Rainwater washes even the smallest particles in hollows. As a result the surface hardens and the drainage effect is lost. A build-up of humus particles aids the growth of algae and moss leading to high slip risks. Contaminants (e.g. broken glass, cigarette butts, bottle caps) also increase the risk of accidents for athletes. A freshly cleaned artificial turf saves you trouble and facilitates what matters most: a safe place for doing sports.

The dry cleaning procedure for filled artificial turf areas

The soiled filling material is removed from the turf with the help of a rotating brush. Dust and fine particles are vacuumed off and collected in fleece filters.

Coarse dirt such as stones, cigarette butts, broken glass or leaves are filtered and fall into the catch tray for coarse dirt. The cleaned filter material is returned on to the turf. A brush roller is used to brush the grass fibres into place and work the filling material into the turf. 

Wet cleaning for especially hardened places

Here a wet cleaning machine specially developed for this purpose is used. Hard spots are loosened with a comb bar and high pressure. With adapted water pressure and collection of the drain water at the same time the turf is cleaned very gently and carefully.

If the level of sand or granulate is too low after the cleaning it can be easily refilled with a special device and brushed into the turf in a professional way.

The advantages of artificial turf cleaning by Sandmaster

1. Lush green at all times of the year:
Regularly cleaned artificial turf guarantees many years of useful life, providing optimal playing conditions and physiological qualities ideal for sports.  

2. Cleanliness now and in the future:
As an option, an anti algae spray is applied to restrict algae growth and prevent its formation in the future.  

3. A one-stop service:

As a service provider Sandmaster performs not only standard cleaning jobs but also repairs and refurbishings of damaged artificial turf. If the surface is in bad condition, we apply filling material, for example, or loosen extreme dirt build-ups.

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