Playground@Landscape 4/2011

Playing sand cleaning is experiencing a major expansion

Baked bei more than 25 years of experience in the field of sandcleaning, the Sandmaster company has establisched itself as a competent service provider in the market. Annually, more than 40 teams work, among others, for cities and municipalities, but also for housing associations and ecclesiatical institutions at both a national and international level. Not only in Germany, but also in Austria, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Belgium, The Netherlands, France, Sweden, Denmark and Spain the teams work successfully with the cleaning machines. The sand is aerated, loosened and cleaned on the spot using the custom-built sand cleaning machines, which are operated by trained, qualified staff. With the aid of the TÜV-tested, environmentally friendly sand cleaning process, nearly all unwanted objects and particles greater than 5-8 mm in diameter are filtered out. Pollutants and contaminants of any kind such as animal excrement, leaves, broken glass or cigarette ends are collected in a container without being crushed or ground and then specifically disposed  of. The aeration helps re-establish the sand's biological balance and get rid of the musty smell. Moreover, the loosening of the sand improves the surface's fall protection properties in accordance with DIN EN 1177. Due to the on-site service, Sandmaster takes customers proximity very seriously. Not only can be qualified  staff be contacted at any time and will help customers with any problems or questions they may have, but the comprehensive and tight-knit distribution network also ensures that customers at home and abroad have competent contact person who advise, support and take care of them and look after their individuals needs.