Playground@Landscape 3/2011

Innovation by Sandmaster GmbH

The Sandmaster company has extended its product range to include another innovation. With more than 25 years of experience in sand cleaning, the company has offered the service of polyurethane surface cleaning since 2009. These many years of experience and the relevant know-how were the basis of the development of a special polyurethane surface cleaning machine. The machine´s fields of application are small playing fields, playgrounds, small courts and circular running tracks. Great importance is being attached to an environment-friendly process that does not require the addition of chemicals. Water is sprayed onto the surface using high pressure and rotating jets. A special feature of the process is the direct extraction of the dirty water, which is collected in a special tank. Cleaning at regular intervals as well as using uniform pressure ensures gentle cleaning of the surface.
The machine particularly impressively demonstrates its efficiency and capabilities when it comes to manoevrability and flexibility. Its compact design even allows for cleaning of areas that are difficult to access. This already pays off when accessing the playground or sports field. It handles narrow gates and driveways wider than 1 metre with ease. Access across grass is no problem either as the machine features low-pressure tyres which do not cause any damage.

Areas that are inaccessible to the machine, such as tight corners, underneath playground equipment or steps, can be cleaned with the aid of an integrated high-pressure spray lance. However, the machine not only delivers excellent cleaning results on polyurethane surfaces, but it also does a good job on stone slabs, asphalt, Terraway or draining surfaces.