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Sandmaster sand cleaning machines and their varied fields of application

For 25 years now, the Sandmaster company has done business in the field of sand cleaning and has established itself as the market leader. The Sandmaster teams work with 39 sand cleaning machines at both a national and international level and clean more than 1,500 000 square metres of sand a year in Germany alone. The fields of application include sandpits of cities, municipalities, kindergartens, schools, housing associations as well as beach volleyball courts in open-air swimming pools.

With the TÜV-tested original Sandmaster process, the sand is taken up by a mobile machine, filtered, aerated and loosened. Pollutants and contaminants of any kind and particles greater than 8mm in diameter are filtered out without being crushed or ground. The aeration helps reestablish the sand's biological balance. Sandpits whose balance has been upset exude a typical musty smell. Moreover, the loosening of the sand ensures that fall protection in accordance with DIN EN 1176/1177 is re-established. Be it narrow or steep, winding or tight. Sometimes accessing the playgrounds or sports ground where a sandpit is to be cleaned is a real challenge. For this reason alone the compact design of the sand cleaning machines is a real asset. Nevertheless, Sandmaster has to come up with some really good ideas. The machines can now handle several steps using ramps. Even solid sandpit enclosures with a height of up to 50 cm can be handled brillianty thanks to this aid. The access to the sandpit, however, should be at least 1 m wide and the sandpit itself should have an area of at least 10 m². If these two requirements aren't met, a crane can be organised in special cases  to carry the machine over any larger obstacles. The clening machine can then, for example, be lowered or lifted over high fences. Sandmaster thus offers an appropriate solution to almost any problem so that nothing stands in the way of sand cleaning any more.